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midiX Plug-in (v0.96) for Netscape and MS Internet Explorer is released !
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- 20.12.2001 - midiX Karaoke Player/Creator version 0.97 released !
- 10.04.2001 - midiX Karaoke Plug-in version 0.96 released !

MidiX is a MIDI Karaoke player that can play standard MIDI format files (type 0, 1 and 2), all type of Karaoke files and RIFF/RMI files.

It is especially suitable for playing Karaoke files because it can be easily configured to display text from virtually any known Karaoke MIDI file that other MIDI/KAR players can't.

Also, you can define font, color, how text will be displayed, what text event will be tracked, character conversion tables, instrumental text, playing duration for all songs or for a particular songs and much more.

There is also great feature: fonts, colors and other Karaoke settings can be encapsulated directly into MIDI file so anyone who use midiX will have the same Karaoke window properties for particular song.

You can use text timing gauge to know when you need to sing next word/syllable and have preview of first verse from next strophe so you always know when and what comes next.

It is great for useage with software wavetable synthesizers because you can define delay index for displaying text so text from Karaoke MIDI file will be always displayed in a right moment even on a slow computers with very CPU requiring software wavetable synthesizers (like Wingroove, Yamaga XG or Roland GS software synthesizers ...).

MidiX also allows you to save entire song lyrics to a file.

It supports playlist that can be created using simple drag&drop feature.

You can change midiX skin to have completely new look ! You can easily create your own skins ... send me the best so I will put it on midiX page for download !

Special feature is:

Karaoke creator which enables you to add text quick and easy to a plain MIDI file or edit existing text. You don't need to know notes - just how song sounds and when to sing appropriate verses ... then you can add text to a plain MIDI using JUST ONE KEY !
You don't believe ? TRY AND YOU WILL SEE !

And, something completely new:

midiX Karaoke Plug-in for Netscape, MS Internet Explorer and other compatible browsers !

Plug-in will play Karaoke in web browser (using EMBED tag with lot of interresting options) - not in a separate window like other plugins does. Also, you can select MIDI output, use text correction index (to have correct highlighting of Karaoke text if you use SW wavetable synthesizers), save text to file ... Plug-in also supports much of midiX encapsulated settings (fonts, colors ...) etc.

Download and try if you like Karaoke and you want to add Karaoke to your web page !

MidiX is written for WIN32 platforms. It is tested on WIN95, WIN98 and WIN NT.


midiX Karaoke Player and Karaoke Creator (v0.97): MIDIX097.ZIP size: 740 KB

midiX Karaoke Plug-in for Netscape/MSIE (v0.96): NPMIDIX096.ZIP size: 290 KB

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Last update: 20.12.2001

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