+ Plug-in For MSIE, Netscape And Other Compatible Web Browsers

Plug-in Version History

Latest version:

0.96 10.04.2001

- Corrected internal bug that produced playing some incorrectly formatted KAR files without displaying text
- Version number raised by 2 to align with player version number :-)

Old versions:

0.94 27.09.2000

- Openning of setup window before .KAR file is loaded caused incorrect settings. Corrected.
- Added applet in Control Panel where you can also setup plug-in.
- Changed icon for INSTALL.EXE, UNINSTALL.EXE and added icon to "Song lyrics", "About" and "Setup" windows.
- Updated README.TXT (part about plug-in install/uninstall)

0.93 18.09.2000

- Solved bug that occurs in the useage with MSIE: when you use drag&drop to load KAR file directly into browser, sometimes plug-in couldn't find any text in a KAR file (usually if you loaded second file during playing of the first one, lyrics from the second wasn't retrieved).
- Another serious bug found when using MSIE: if you open another MSIE window using options "File/New window", MSIE will try to open the same page in new window but instead of that, that second window will be "frozen". Now this is corrected and plug-in won't be initalized in another window oppened in this way (MSIE will now report error and reject loading of plug-in)
- From this version, "Song Lyrics" window (contains complete text) is not resizable any more. Also, it is automatically centered when it is oppened.
- "Song lyrics", "About" and "Setup windows" now has default buttons (can be "clicked" using ENTER key)

0.92.1 13.09.2000

- Changes in INSTALL.EXE and UNINSTALL.EXE programs - previous version couldn't install/uninstall plug-in for Netscape Communicator in WIN95
- No changes in plug-in itself ...

0.92 23.08.2000

- Improved algorithm for excluding various control text from lyrics (in some cases, plug-in could not find any text in some KARs because it found control text in it - this is solved now).
- Slightly changed image that represents position trackbar
- Readme.txt updated

0.91 17.07.2000 First release

2000-2001 GrGa/m&g
Last update: 11.04.2001

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