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Because this site is moved from old Geocities URL ( or to my alternate Tripod space, all things maybe don't work well due to neccessary changes I made and I still need to make in pages (all software is still not uploaded here but I am working on that!).

Also, pages will keep the same, silly, look - I know it is outdated for today's standards but I would like to keep things as it was from 1997 when it was published :) .

I apologise to all who encountered problems accessing desired files from this site (usually if you wanted to download software from here using links on other sites). Webmasters of sites with old Geocities links to some software from here, please update URLs to these addresses.


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 HR GUARD support page (Croatian language)

     Free and experimental FTP client in Borland Pascal 7.0

    WatchMail homepage

midiX * Universal Karaoke Player/Creator/Plug-in homepage  midiX - Universal Karaoke Player, Creator And Web Browser Plug-In

    AVI to WAV homepage

    ScriptZIP homepage - Free Scripting ZIP Compression Utility

    SUB to SSA homepage - Ultimate SubRIP/MicroDVD subtitle to SSA conversion utility  

I know my English is bad ... sorry !

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Last update on Geocities: 02.04.2002
Last update: 08.01.2004


For a few days, I receiving lot of mail where pople sending me a new e-mail password stealing trojan and claiming me as an author because my name is in its code. The thing is:


Real author used one of my programs to encode malicious executable into VB script. The encoder program is called 2ASCII and its function is to encode any kind of file into self-decode debug script. When you encode file with 2ASCII you only need DEBUG (DOS program, exists in WIN9x and NT) to decode it to original state. Also, resulting debug script will contain copyright text with my name and e-mail address and that's the reason why my name is in that trojan code ! Important thing is that 2ASCII is not written to be used as any kind of "virus tool" but as a simple utility for encoding self-decode attachments in a new way - my intentions was not to make possibly danger tool but things, obviously, goes wrong way ...

So, to clean things out and stop further mails that keep coming to my address with this trojan and with annoying messages about me as "an author", I remove 2ASCII from my pages to prevent possible future misuseage in new viruses/trojans/worms.

You can't download this program from my site any more ! Follow this link for more information about 2ASCII ...

Thanx for your understaning.