m&g FTP Client v1.0 for Windows

- written in Borland Pascal 7.0 -

... with a little help of WINSOCK 1.1




By Arminio Grgic-GrGa

(c)1998 m&g software, Pozega, Croatia




Well, after few weeks of hard working and very mind blowing job I finished my first (read: crappy ;)) FTP client written entirely in Borland Pascal 7 for Windows ! My first intention was to make DOS FTP client using pure Turbo Pascal for DOS but I didn't find any (useful) TCPIP stack which can be used with Turbo Pascal and I wasn't too smart to make my own ... So, I was forced to make it in Windows - but still using Pascal and with a little help of WINSOCK 1.1 ! :)))


Here I give only executable files with documentation but complete source is available on demand - Just send me e-mail and I will gladly give complete sorce to you ! See, because I want to know who is interrested in this stuff too I didn't published source - you must contact me because I want to exchange experiences in BP WIN programming and also in FTP ...


I must say that this little FTP client is not suitable for Internet file-transfers but, for connecting to UNIX, A-series mainframes (I am developing special version for A-series - contact me if you are interrested !) or to any similar FTP server/daemon, it is rather nice ... at least to me ;)


Also, this FTP Client is rather rude and without lots of fancy Windows stuff (client is "very" command-line oriented ;)) but - see, this is my first contact with WINSOCK and Windows programming, in fact, my first Windows program I ever wrote ! So, some parts are very unoptimized and bad coded but what a hell - stuff works fine !


... and I think that this is ONLY (the first ?) Pascal FTP client with available source in the whole world ! If I am wrong, please send me what you have (especially for Pascal for DOS - but Windows are welcome too if it is neccessary)



Technical info:



- FTP client is written entirely in Borland Pascal 7.0 and use WINSOCK 1.1 functions


- FTP protocol implementation based on FTP RFC 959 file from 1989 (by J. Postel & J. Reynolds) but some rules were added from RFC 1123 (e.g. sending PORT command for negotiating non-default DATA port before every transfer operation) and some features are not in standard FTP implementations but they are implemented using standard FTP commands (like checking remote file on host before overwritting which I implement using LS ...).



Commands & features:



- Client supports only few commands but they are commonly in use.

Type HELP or ? in command line mode to get the list or type HELP <command> to get detail info about required command.



This little client is no longer under development and it is a hommage to plain Windows programing in days of 16-bit Windows 3.11 :)






I want to give my special credits to Mike Caughran from Cedar Island Software for great BP examples and other stuff necessary for BP WINSOCK programming (lots of stuff in this FTP borrowed from his FINGER, FINGERD and TELNETD examples ...)


Also thanx to Warren Young, Simon Harison, Dan Armano, Kreso Kucan and others ...



Source is available on demand



Download exectuables here


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