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Karaoke Player/Karaoke Creator Version History

Latest version:

0.97 20.12.2001

Internal changes:
- Corrected bug that produced crashing of midiX if there is no mixer output port installed (thanx to Gunnar Konrįšsson for reporting this bug !).

- My new e-mail address added in docs and "About" window ...

Old versions:

0.96 10.04.2001

Internal changes:
- Corrected internal bug that produced playing some incorrectly formatted KAR files without displaying text

0.95 06.12.2000

Internal changes:
- Improved algorithm for removing various control words from lyrics events and from info text (text events at position 0).

Karaoke window:
- "Show first verse" didn't show first verse in some cases - usually in KARs with lyrics events and without standard Karaoke formatting. Corrected.
- Character conversion didn't work in "Show first verse" text. Added now.

0.94 03.11.2000

Player panel:
- Removed annoying "flicker" during change of "Always on top" status

Karaoke window:
- When you start midiX via .KAR file (by pressing ENTER or using doubleclik on a .KAR file from Windows Explorer or folder) with option "Auto open Karaoke window when Karaoke MIDI is playing" (on "Karaoke setup 2") turned on and midiX is not already started (there is no other instance - you start it for the first time), midiX will open Karaoke window but it will be placed below player panel. This is corrected now and Karaoke window will be opened above panel.
- Now it is possible to close Karaoke window by pressing ESC key.
- Added popup menu items and hot keys for "Play" (F6), "Pause" (F7), "Stop" (F8) and key "G" for activating/deactivating "Show text timing gauge" option. Popup menu is also slightly rearranged. According to this, help section "About Karaoke window" is updated too.
- Added "Show first verse" option for displaying first verse of next strophe (see "Karaoke window" help section for details)
- When complete list is deleted, text from last song still stays in "Entire text" (part of Karaoke window that contain complete song text). Now this is corrected and text will be deleted from this list too.
- Corrected error that produced incorrect behaviour when cursor is in "Entire text" and you open another window from there - occurs usually if you open "Settings ..." using F4 from "Entire text" part. Then, if you try to close "Settings ..." window with ALT+F4, it will be reopened instead of closed. Now works correctly.
- "Entire text" now can be "detached" from Karaoke window and text can be shown in a stand-alone window (using doubleclick on "Entire text").
- Text "No lyrics to save ...." (occurs when you choose "Save text to file" but song does not contain any text) changed to "No text to save ...".
- Hint that occurs when mouse is on Karaoke text now is turned off when "Show hint" is turned off. Also, in some cases, text in hint was shown with lots of empty rows - now it will truncate blanks before display it.
- Hot keys reacts when they are released - not pressed as it worked until now.

Karaoke creator:
- From this version, keys responds when they are pressed - not when they are released as it works untill now. This also solved problem with changing text using ENTER key (press/release combination was sometimes ignored)

Minimized player panel:
- Corrected error: Karaoke window button (button with a small letter "A") was colored red (when MIDI does not contain any text) correctly only if you change/reload song when player is minimized. Now it works correct allways (if you minimize it before or after loading song).

User interface:
- Added "Settings ..." item at playlist popup menu.

0.93 11.09.2000

Internal changes:
- Serious bug solved - if you load MIDI file with RMI/RIFF extension (or vice versa), midiX will mark it as incorrect file (it will put "???" in duration field at player panel). From now on, it can diverse RIFF/RMIs and standard MIDIs correct. According to this, changes are made in MIDI info window too (see descriptions of changes in MIDI info window later ...).
- If you drop one or more files into playlist and hit play button before midiX mark one entry (you need to be fast to do this but it is possible, especially if you use software wavetable synthesizers that can slow down loading process), sometimes exception error occured and midiX will not mark any song. Corrected.
- Corrected bug that produced error in loading MIDI file in situations when SKINS folder does not exists and you drop the same MIDI file twice with SHIFT on (drop with delete), or if you delete playlist between dropping. Second drop caused error in loading MIDI.
- If you set option "Actions when started using associated filetypes" to "Always start playing" (see "Setup options/General") and then start midiX via doubleclick (or using ENTER key) on MPL or KAR file, it will not start playing loaded file. It worked correctly only if it was already started. Corrected - now it acts as you setup.
- Closing midiX by pressing Alt+F4 didn't finished correctly sometimes (sometimes it doesn't free all occupied memory and, also, sometimes hang instead of close). Corrected.
- Made some code optimizations that produced faster and smaller EXE with reduced useage of system resources.

Karaoke window:
- Added text timing gauge - for details, see "Karaoke window".
- Removed annoying flicker that occurs in a titlebar during song change.
- From now, after deleting complete playlist, colors in Karaoke window are set to default. Previous versions incorrectly retained colors of last marked file.
- Window inactive indicator added: if "Use titlebar font on nonmaximized Karaoke window" (this is also new feature - see "Setup changes" later in text) is on and Karaoke window is non-maximized, titlebar will be grayed if Karaoke window loses focus.

Karaoke creator:
- Font defined for "Text to add+edit fields" was not used in "Enter text ..." window in Karaoke creator. Corrected.
- If you use keyboard (TAB key) to navigate through fields on screen, order of fields is now correct.
- Track names in track manager was not displayed correctly - for some MIDIs with track names, midiX incorrectly displayed "/No name\". Solved.
- Added "Are you sure ?" question on "Delete selected text events" in track manager.
- Corrected incorrect deleting of tracks in track manager - if track contains several events at the same positions, midiX sometimes deleted wrong event (usually when you try to delete second event at the same position).
- In "Create .KAR file ..." window, midiX was not correctly selected default track that will containt lyrics. Now it works as it is said in "How to make Karaoke file/Creating .KAR file"

Setup changes:
- Setup tab "Karaoke creator setup" changed to "Fonts" (contents is the same)
- Added possibility to change font for Karaoke window titlebar - even when it is nonmaximized (see help section "Setup options/Fonts" in for details)
- Syllable delimiter in "Setup options/Fonts" cannot be changed unless you select already entered character and type over selection. This was very confusing so now is possible to delete character. If you don't put anything and leave this field empty (you couldn't do that in a previous version), midiX will automatically use default character.
- By hitting "OK" or "Apply", selected skin was saved as active skin but it was not activated (and it should not be). This is corrected - skin is activated and saved in setup file by pressing "Use skin" only. "OK"/"Apply" buttons does not save skin as active and does not activate it.
- Reorder of "OK", "Apply" and "Cancel" buttons (now they are in "standard" order like in the most Windows aplications)

MIDI info window:
- Now displays appropriate message for incorrect MIDI/KAR files.
- "MIDI type" field now contains correct info about MIDI format - RIFF/RMIs and standard MIDIs will be diversed (see also internal changes for details about bug that affect error in loading RIFF/RMIs and MIDIs with incorrect exentsions)

User interface:
- Changed buttons in several parts of program - now there are no more images on them (also part of optimisation).
- Playlist is alway focused now - in previous versions it could lose focus in some cases (for example, if you hit TAB ...)
- Some new hot keys added and some old documented in help file (I forget to mention some of them before - sorry !). See help section "MIDI Karaoke player" for details.
- Added hint "Right-click for options ..." to all parts of panel where you can use popup menus..
- Popup menu on a playlist border was changed - previous versions gives menu with player options but now there is menu with playlist options (more appropriate).

- "Product version" and "Language" values at "Version" tab in "Properties" of MIDIX.EXE updated correctly (this can be read using right click on MIDIX.EXE and by selecting "Properties/Version")
- Corrections and updates in help file.

0.92 23.08.2000

Internal changes:
- Corrected problems with text displaying for incorrectly formatted Karaoke MIDIs. MidiX now can detect Karaoke MIDIs with incorrectly formatting and do the text breaking automatically (for details, see help sections "Karaoke files and midiX", "Setup options/Karaoke setup 1/Force text limitation per page" and "Setup options/Karaoke setup 2/Force text limitation only for incorrectly formatted Karaoke MIDIs").
- Improved algorithm for excluding various control text from lyrics (in some cases, midiX could not find any text in some KARs because he found control text in it - this is solved now).

Karaoke window:
- Solved flickering that occured when "Color entire passed text" is on (when midiX highlite larger amount of Karaoke text in one strophe, little flicker occured). Solving this also speed up highlitghting a bit.
- Now is possible to change color and font of text in "Show entire text" (see "Setup options/Karaoke creator setup")

Karaoke creator
- In "Inc/dec positions" option it was possible to enter value that will decrement positions into negative value which produced exception error. Solved with warning message.
- Syllable delimiter is now user-defined. Also, fonts and colors of all most Karaoke creator edit elements can be changed (see "Setup options/Karaoke creator setup" for details)
- Serious error occured on some WIN NT 4.0 machines when you try to edit one of Karaoke descriptor fields while midiX playing MIDI/KAR file - in a moment you enter into "Title", "Information" or "Other text at position 0", midiX will "freeze" your PC ! Only "Language". descriptor didn't cause crash. Solved.
- Changed way of displaying position and text at position in "Added text"
- F5 now works from "Language" field also.
- In "Rename track" (Track manager) it was possible to enter blank names. Corrected.
- Track manager now gives correct track names - tracks without names are now labeled "".

Setup changes:
- When file is added to "Karaoke setup 1" using drag&drop or using "Add" button, and when it is higlighted in a file list, in some cases (usually when it already exists and when midiX just focus it again) it will not be seen entirely in a list unless you scroll down more. Corrected.
- Setup options rearranged and updated with a new section: "Karaoke creator" where you can define various settings for Karaoke creator.

User interface:
- Corrected errors that enables opening of Karaoke creator even if there are no MIDIs/KARs loaded into midiX.
- Hint text on a song title in a minimized panel was wrong when no song loaded - corrected (when no songs loaded, hint will not be shown)
- Main panel now can be dragged accross the screen when you click on mixer images.
- Minimized panel is now colored entirely (by default, complete minimized panel have background images now)
- Changed mouse pointer that indicate moving of minimized midiX panel - it was image of hand with pointed finger. Now is changed to "grabbing" hand (the same image used in "moving" cursor in normal midiX panel)
- Added suport for skins - midiX now can look like you want ! See "Setup options"/"Skins" for details (this first skin implementation is not very suite but I will improve it with new versions) ... Also, option "Use Windows colors" is removed - use "Windows colors" skin instead.

- Updated "Tips, hints ..." section and added "Special thanx" to "About" section. Many other changes in help (according to changes in program).

0.91 18.07.2000

- For some Karaoke MIDIs text was not displayed - this happens when Karaoke header is not at positon 0 but at some other position above. Solved successfully.
- Text from MIDIs with non-formatted lyrics (completely without any delimiters, even without CRLF !) was not displayed correctly - all text was displayed entirely which produced mess on screen. Corrected - now text will be automatically break into parts in this cases.
- Solved problem with focusing in song change during playing - now if you have Karaoke window opened during playing and start another song from Windows Explorer, Karaoke window will be focused - not player panel as it works in a previous version (this was very annoying ... at least to me ...)
- Believe or not but there were no version written in "About" window ! I can't figure out how I missed that 8-( ...
- midiX now has its own homepage - URL added in "About" help section.
- Little blue arrow in playlist was not visible on NT (strange but true !?) - corrected.
- From now, midiX Karaoke Plug-in is available for Netscape, MS Internet Explorer and other compatible WEB browsers. It can be downloaded separately from my or midiX homepage.

0.9 15.06.2000 First release

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Last update: 20.12.2001

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