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  • Demos, intros & demo effects
    Filename Size Language Short description
    FIRE51.ZIP 1K ENG NEW VERSION ! Fire effect in 51 bytes ! This time the shortest in the WORLD ! FRACTAL.ZIP 3K ENG Fractal BBS demo - 982 bytes ! HAZE.ZIP 3K - Our first demo effect in Turbo Pascal (presented in Pixel 8/1995) INTROMG.ZIP 6K - Our intro (presented in Pixel 8/1995) LIQUID3.ZIP 1K ENG NEW VERSION ! Ultra small demo effect (written in ASM, shorted to 200 bytes) PCX56.ZIP 27K ENG VIEW THIS ! No1 in Official PCX Competition ! 320x200x256 PCX viewer long (short ?) 56 bytes !!! Yes, you read it right ! 58b barrier is broken ! NOW IN REALLY INCREDIBLE 56 BYTES ! Yes, you read it right ! THE ULTIMATE SMALL PCX VIEWER ! ASM masterpiece ! PSYCHED2.ZIP 1K ENG NEW VERSION ! Another ultra small demo effect (ASM too, shorted to 196 bytes) PUZZL255.ZIP 2K ENG Micro Puzzle Game - size: 255 bytes of pure ASM code !!! VERTIGO2.ZIP 2K ENG NEW VERSION ! Variation of a pixel tunnel (ASM, shorted to 834 bytes)
  • Utility
    Filename Size Language Short description
    2ASCII20.ZIP 19K HR/ENG 2ASCII v2.0 - NEW VERSION ! Encodes file into EXECUTABLE 2ASCII text-format suitable for E-mail ! Encoded file is executable and contains decoder ! File size is NOT limited ! This version can split large 2ASCII files into smaller parts suitable for transfer via e-mail ! GREAT STUFF - TRY ! ************************************** FILE NOT AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD ! SEE MORE INFORMATION HERE ************************************** AVI2WAV1.ZIP 1K HR Extracts sound from AVI and save it in WAV format BOOTMODI.ZIP 15K ENG Change BOOTSTRAP loader in the BOOT sector on the non-system floppy disks and display your messages instead of boring "Non system disk or disk error..." when you try to boot system from them ! Configurable colors and text output speed ! DIVIDER2.ZIP 12K HR Divide large file and copy it on floppy disks EXTED15.ZIP 8K HR "Plug-in" for Vernon D. Buerg's LIST program This little utility can reconfigure LIST's key E for use with various extensions - now you can start picture viewer when you are on .GIF, some archive viewer on .ARJ/.ZIP, various editors on various extensions ... anything you can imagine - not only EDIT what LIST offers !!! Easy to configure and very usefull ! TRY ! HTML2TXT.ZIP 7K HR Convert HTML document to a plain ASCII text file IDEINFO.ZIP 5K ENG IDE information about your HD (from practical part of my graduation !) LFLOPPY.ZIP 2K ENG Lock your floppy drive Enable/disable read, write and/or access to your FD ! (from practical part of my graduation !) MYTG092.ZIP 77K HR/ENG MyTag v0.92 * Multiline Tagline Manager * NEW VERSION * NEW VERSION * NEW VERSION * 0.92 Includes multiline tags, grouping taglines by theme, random selection of a file, tagline, signature ... up to 50 REPLY signatures and normal signatures, up to 50 tagline tags and BYE messages, QUOTE string (unlimited size), @@ macros (TO:,SUBJECT, time, date ...), ASCII conversion, UNIVERSAL multiline tagline grabber ... SAFDIR94.ZIP 4K HR/ENG Password protection for directory access SAFEEXEC.ZIP 28K HR Disable unpack of packed (with PKLITE & other) exec files, copy protection for EXE, COM files encryption ... (from practical part of my graduation !) SBLANKER.ZIP 5K HR Screen blanker for VGA - save your screen but do not disturb execution of an active program SCOPY150.ZIP 10K - Copy files with size check - checks free space on target and skip too large files + create a BAT file for later copying of skipped files (presented in Pixel 8/1995) TSRFACES.ZIP 8K ENG Resident smilie dictionary - choose between 200 faces and paste it into your e-mail message :-) ;-) 8-) UUNSPL20.ZIP 30K HR/ENG Send and receive large (up to 500K !) UU files using "Blue Wave Off Line Mail Reader". UUSPLIT will split a large UU file into small parts and add them in a current REPLY packet - for BBS freaks ! Contains NEW VERSION OF UUNSPLIT which can UNSPLIT UUfiles splitted with Blue Wave ! WAVSQ090.ZIP 8K ENG Compress any WAV file into a smaller one but with a little loss in sound quality. Compressed WAV can be played WITHOUT decompressing - just play it like you played original WAV ! WHERE.ZIP 6K ENG Search PATH for a specified exec. file
  • Graphic, animation & screen utilities
    Filename Size Language Short description
    BRGHT092.ZIP 7K HR/ENG Bright your screen with this ! (neccessary for users with mono monitors !) FLI2EXE.ZIP 15K ENG Convert FLI to EXE and add TheDraw .BIN file to the end of your animation ! Many nice options ! Try ! (Presented in Pixel 8/1995) PCX2EXE.ZIP 42K HR/ENG Convert 320x200x256 PCX to EXE and add TheDraw .BIN file to the end of generated EXE ! PCX2TXT.ZIP 64K HR/ENG Convert 320x200x256 PCX (or part of it) to a PLAIN TEXT FILE ! Suitable for making ASCII screens for BBS ... Try ! TWOFONTS.ZIP 13K HR/ENG Enable usage of two DOS text fonts IN THE SAME TIME ! TXT2PCX.ZIP 36K HR/ENG Convert text screen (TheDraw .BIN file) to a 640x400x16 PCX ! Great for color reproduction of DOS screens ! Everything is as it is in original TEXT mode, even current TEXT DOS font will be converted to a PCX !!! try !
  • Programming tools, LIBs for Clipper ...
    Filename Size Language Short description
    2NICEOBJ.ZIP 42K HR Two OBJ files with search memo engine & tile text for Clipper 5.x programmers AGDBED20.ZIP 35K HR FULLY COLORED DBEDIT FOR CLIPPER 5.x ! Enable different colors for columns, different colors for cells (or/and for active rows) dependig on some logical value - now change colors for fields (only cell or entire row) which contest satisfy some logical value !!! REALLY GREAT STUF ! FX20.ZIP 31K HR LIB with more than 30 new functions for Clipper 5.x !!! Great stuff - new RESTSCREEN functions, various BOX and SAY functions, new way to CLS screen and much more !!! MUST HAVE IF YOU USE CLIPPER ! NEW VERSION WITH MORE NEW FUNCTIONS !! HRFNTS20.ZIP 8K HR LIB with functions for setting CRO fonts for Clipper 5.x ! All possible combinations of CROASCII & LATIN II/CP852 (CROASCII only, LATIN II only, CROASCII and LATIN II mixed ...) for 80x25 and 80x50 TEXT mode resolution ! Include functions for saving current set in memory and restoring it back to screen ! MAKEREPL.ZIP 2K HR Clipper source - REPLACE generator Use if you use DBFs with many fields - this will generate source with REPLACE for you ! PRNGEN10.ZIP 17K HR Clipper source generator - generates source for printing Just "draw" a page as it has to look at the paper and PRNGEN will make source for you !
  • Anti-virus software
    Filename Size Language Short description
    HRGRD240.ZIP 8K HR Croatian AV TSR monitor Prevents from infection by Croatian viruses (presented in BUG 46/1996) >>> for details see HR GUARD support page
  • DOS Games
    Filename Size Language Short description
    PETRIS20.ZIP 14K ENG Beautiful TETRIS clone ! Works in TEXT mode but with a great look ! Support SB/ADLIB ! - NEW VERSION /2.0/ - With corrected bugs and new features ! MUST TRY ! ROWSCOLS.ZIP 41K HR "Rows and columns" - logical game in FORTRAN 77 ! One player game - you play against your PC ! This little game is made as a task at FOI (Faculty Of Organisation And Informatics) in Varazdin during my study (1993). It was intended to be used as an assignment for subject "METODE PROGRAMIRANJA I PROGRAMSKI JEZICI II" (Programming methods and programming languages II) at 3rd year of my study. It was entirely written in Microsoft FORTRAN 77. But, because of rather poor code and FORTRAN limitations that cused some bugs in PC's "thinking" algorithms, it was never presented. Nevertheless, it is interresting piece of code - try ! ... especially if you know FORTRAN ... Full source code included !

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