SUB to SSA Advanced conversion utility
for converting SubRip and MicroDVD subtitles to SSA scripts

Version 2.0 - Freeware

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    2002 GrGa/m&g
    Last update: 02.04.2002

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  • Introduction
    If you usually convert DivX AVIs in VCD or SVCD and have subtitles in text files (usually in SubRip or MicroDVD format that are commonly used with DivX) and want to encode subtitles within VCD/SVCD video using VirtualDub frameserving and Sub Station Alpha v2.x/4.x subtitling plugin for VirtualDub, this tool will help you to convert subtitles from text files to appropriate Sub Station Alpha (SSA) scripts that VirtualDub SSA plugin can process.

    SUBtoSSA has many advanced options like setting auto-sizing mode where you can have automatic size adjustment for different fonts (to fit on screen), it can find longest text line from subtitle file for selected font styles so you can easily check will font fit on screen with your style settings, it support style savings for later useage in different material (with several predefined styles for different viewing modes I made), advanced options where you can change font settings for particular segment and part of text, saving complete work into project file for later modifications and more ...

    Useage and features are optimized to make rather standardized subtitles and SSA scripts for useage in VirtualDub subtitler plugin so, some SSA features that are not relevant for subtitling and which are not supported by VirtualDub SSA plugin are not included and some features that are not SSA standard but supported by VirtualDub Subtitler are added.

    This version support SubRip SRT native time-based subtitle format and MicroDVD frame-based subtitle file format. If you have subtitles in any other format (SubViewer, SAMI etc.), use some of conversion tools to convert them to one of supported formats (see links).

    Some features
    Here is just a glimp what SUB to SSA can do:

    • Support both most popular subtitle formats - SubRip SRT and MicroDVD SUB (with automatic retrieving framerate from appropriate AVI for MicroDVD format)
    • Select, manage and save styles (font colors, encoding, size, margins, alignment ...)
    • Support font auto-sizing for easier styles configuring
    • You get several predefined styles for common TV playback standards
    • Support style overridings - you can override styles in lines by already predefined styles or by manual settings and even in part of line (selected text within line can be bold, italic ...)
    • Can track longest subtitle line according to selected style - usefull to prevent subtitle from "bleeding" (or wrapping) of the screen
    • You can save complete work into project files for later useage
    • Help and manual is present in HTML format

      ... and much more !
    Download latest version - v2.0
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  • Added support for MicroDVD frame-based subtitle files with nice way of getting framerate (automatically or manually from corresponding AVI or manually by entering value)
  • Now it is possible to override active style with predefined styles and manual settings
  • Possibility to change "show" and "dissapear" times
  • "Save new" renamed to "Save to ..." (sounds better :) )
  • Fixed "Load on start" - now it will not be checked "randomly"
  • When loading projects, active style settings will be restored too
  • Fixed loading of 3-liners (subtitle files with 3 lines) - now it will join second and third line into one
  • "Find" function added (can find text, part of text or segment index)
  • Splash screen added
  • Updated help

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