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    2001 GrGa/m&g
    Last update: 07.08.2001

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  • Introduction
    Who today does not often use some ZIP compresor utility like WINZIP, PKZIP and others ? They are great but they useage is oriented to much manual work - you need to select files, make clicks etc. etc. etc. ... But if you often need to ZIP the same or simmilar set of files, instead to make your work easier those ZIP utilities can make it harder. For example - how many times you wanted to click only once and leave ZIPper to do the job ? Well, ScriptZIP is made for all "lazy" people who want more comfortable work :) !

    ScriptZIP is a simple utility that can ZIP files using a simple script file that can contain various settings and filelists. It is especially usefull if you often ZIP the same group of files (for example, for making backups) because you can write a script with desired options and settings for each set of files. When you make a script, compressing is trivial - all you need is to doubleclick on script and - voila !

    Some features
    Here is small part of ScriptZIP features:

    • Backup feature - keep up to 7 backups of ZIP archives (Round-Robin backup method)
    • It is possible to define include and exclude file list where you can define what files you want in ZIP and what don't
    • Particular set of options can be set for each file list (how to add files, define attributes, compression level etc.)
    • Has INCLUDE option that can take settings from other scripts (suitable for making scripts with default options etc.)
    • Compression can start automatically by doubleclicking on a script file - autostart can be made in a "silent" mode (with or without icon in tray to indicate that ScriptZIP works)
    • Scripts are plain ASCII files that can be written in any ASCII editor (NOTEPAD, EDIT ...) or created directly from ScriptZIP
    • Supports drag&drop - script file can be "dropped" to ScriptZIP window
    • Suitable for useage from BATCH files - after compression, it returns result code (errorlevel)
    • Logging to file supported
    • Support encryption (password protection) of resulting ZIP
    • Everything is configurable - from initial directory where compressing starts to directories where ScriptZIP will make backup copies, temporary and log files etc.
    • It can automatically test resulting ZIP after successfull compressing
    • After compression, ScriptZIP can start desired executable file (EXE, BAT ...) like WINZIP, some BAT file etc.

      ... and much more !
    Download latest version - v1.1
    Filename Date Size Version description
    410 KB
    - Corrected bug in select files dialog - it was not possible to get mask that contains '.'
    - In options dialog, MOVE and UPDATE methods were swapped. Corrected.

    ScriptZIP screenshot
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