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Version 1.0 Freeware !
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WatchMail is a simple utility that can scan one or more mailboxes on-line, directly on POP3 server, and inform you if messages that match defined conditions exists. Also, it can delete desired messages automatically or you can do that manually.

It is very usefull if you receive lots of bulky mail, spam or mail with a large unwanted attachments - using WatchMail you can track that messages and delete them directly in your mailbox (on POP3 server) without downloading so your mail reader will not download them.

WatchMail even gives you possibility to download complete message from POP3 server and save it to a file.

You can check/delete messages manually and automatically - every time when you connect to Internet or periodically if you have permanent Internet connection or during Dial-Up Internet connection.

It can be used as a simple mail checker, also ... but it can do more than that ! Here is a list of some features:

  • It can scan your mailboxes on one or more POP3 servers and check messages by comparing them with defined conditions and inform you which messages match one of conditions by marking them for later manual or instant automatic deletion.

  • It support check on more than one POP3 server. If you have several e-mail address on a different PO3 servers, you can check messages on more than one POP3 server.

  • Every POP3 server is represented with its own and unique alias which gives you possibility to enter several entries for the same POP3 server (usefull if you have more than one e-mail address on the same PO3 server)

  • Each POP3 entry can have enumerous number of message conditions - WatchMail will compare messages with that conditions and mark/delete them if you want. You can check From, To, Subject and Size of a message in a various ways (=, contains, >, <, case sensitive check ...) and mark messages for delete or for automatic deleting ...

  • You can assign different mail reader to each POP3 server. It si very usefull for Eudora Light users where they can have several copies of Eudora - one for each POP3 server/e-mail address. Each copy now can be started directly from WatchMail when you work with appropriate POP3 mailbox.

  • You can setup WatchMail to automatically check your POP3 mailbox on DialUp Internet connection - when connection is established and WatchMail is active, it can check and/or delete messages that match defined conditions completely automatic with detail info at end. Also, it is possible to check periodically in user-defined time intervals (usefull if you have permanent Internet connection) or even during DialUp Internet connection for those who don't have permanent Internet connection.

  • Various ways of notification after check/delete with user defined sound settings and auto-silent mode during night hours and animated icon in tray during checking.

  • Message deleting is safe - every message ID is checked before deleting so deletion of a wrong message is impossible.

  • Messages are represented in a different colors, according to their status.

  • Marked messages has little red check-marks which enables you to to see what part of message match conditions. Also, complete condition that caused marking of a message can be seen in any time.

  • Every deleted messages header along with condition that caused deletion can be logged to a file. Every POP3 server that you check has its own log file which size can be limited to save your disk space.

  • You can change status of every checked message from 'marked for deletion' to 'keep' or any other status.

  • New condition can be added easily to a condition list from any unchecked message that does not match any condition - just choose "Add condition" and new condition will be added directly from selected message.

  • You can reply to any selected message using your default mail reader directly from WatchMail.

  • It si possible to read complete messages before manual deletion with possibility of saving them into a file for later reading or archiving.

    ... and much more !

    WatchMail is written for WIN32 platforms. It is tested on WIN95, WIN98 and WIN NT.
    Current version is 1.0.

    To download, click HERE (WTCHML10.ZIP size: 274 KB)

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    Last update: 07.08.2001

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